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Good evening, good readers.
Today we can see when opening a homepage uncle Google looks unique image that if we click will display a funny animated images. why?

Due to commemorate the birth of Winsor McCay. Quoted from sidomi.com are as follows:

Winsor McCay is a figure animation maker comic strip Little Nemo in the Google logo today. McCay made Little Nemo in 1905, turns 107 years old today.
Compared with Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Stan Lee, or other similar characters, the name of Winsor McCay did seem a bit foreign. In fact, this figure is the starter in the long history of animation in the world, long before Walt Disney and others take part in the realm of the share.
Prominent Zenic Winsor McCay’s full name, was born in Spring Lake, Michigan, USA, on 26 September 1869. He is an artist, and in particular is known as a cartoonist at the same time one of the first animators ever.
Since 1905, Winsor McCay was working on a comic strip (set of images containing the story) titled Little Nemo. Comics published serialized in the New York Herald and New York (Journal) American until the year 1914 has become one of the most popular comic book at the time. In 1911, Little Nemo also appears in the film.
After Little Nemo reap success, Winsor McCay worked on the animation for the short film titled Gertie the Dinosaur was released in 1914. Although not the first animated film in the world, but Gertie the Dinosaur was able to captivate the U.S. public for successfully displaying the characters interesting and unique personalities.
Gertie the Dinosaur using animation tricks that would be applied by Walt Disney and his animators world. In addition, this film is the first film created using keyframe animation techniques. Popularity and influence Gertie the Dinosaur in the history of animated film making world elected to the rank 6 into the ranks of the “50 Greatest Cartoon Movies of All Time” through a survey dimototi by legendary animator and cartoonist, Jerry Beck.
In addition to Little Nemo and Gertie the Dinosaur, still a lot of comics and animation that has been created by Winsor McCay. For the comic strip, some of the work of Winsor McCay, among others A Tale of the Jungle IMPs by Felix Fiddle (1903), Little Sammy Sneeze (1904 to 1906), Dream of the Rarebit Fiend (1904-1913), The Story of Hungry Henrietta ( 1905), A Pilgrim’s Progress (1905-1910), Little Nemo (1905), Poor Jake (1909-1911), and others.
While the works of Winsor McCay animation that has been filmed them are Little Nemo (1911), How a Mosquito operates (1912), Gertie the Dinosaur (1914), The Sinking of the Lusitania (1918), Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: Bug Vaudeville ( 1921), Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet (1921), Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Flying House (1921), The Centaurs (1921), Gertie on Tour (1921), Flip’s Circus (1921), to The Barnyard Performance (1922).
Winsor McCay died on July 26, 1934 at the age of 64 years. Awarded reasonable figure as the father of this world animation interred in the Cemetery of the Evergreens, Brooklyn, New York, United States. Results of thought and creation can not be denied Winsor McCay has been one of the animators and the inspiration for later generations of cartoonists, including Walt Disney and the other legendary figures.


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